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Rules of Regular Membership

  1. Thank you for expressing an interest in Shomrei Torah.  Since synagogues do not receive funding from any source other than dues, donations and fundraising, it is important for our members to understand the financial obligations of their membership.
  2. Membership in the synagogue runs from July 1 to June 30.  Unless a payment plan has been approved in writing by the Synagogue's financial secretary, December 31 of each year is the deadline for the payment of all dues.  Religious School tuition must be paid prior to the commencement of the School Year each September.
  3. Except for Supporting and Book Members, all other categories of membership are entitled to High Holiday tickets for each adult and for each child who is in grade 8 or who is age 13 through 23 (as of September 1 of the applicable year).  Children below grade 8 or under age 13 are encouraged to attend Junior Congregation or one of the other children's services offered during peak attendance periods.  Before or after peak attendance periods, children are welcome to use available seating in the sanctuary.  Parents who wish their children under 13 to remain in the sanctuary during peak periods are required to purchase tickets at a cost of $50 per child.
  4. Members who want to insure assigned seats during the High Holidays must be in good standing and reserve seats each year by sending in their deposits by the date set forth in an annual notice sent to the Congregation.  In most recent years, this has taken place some time in April, but the timing can change.
  5. High Holiday tickets are not transferable.  Members not needing some or all of their tickets for a particular day are urged to inform the office so that the seats may be used by others who wish to purchase them for family members or out-of-town guests.  If available, High Holiday tickets can be purchased for $100 for member’s children aged 24-27 or any age if visiting from a distance, for $100 for member’s parents visiting from a distance, and $250 for all others, including non-members.
  6. Once having applied for and received synagogue membership, membership and financial obligations continue until a written resignation is received by the synagogue prior to August 30 of a particular year.  Resignations do not void monies owed for years prior to resignation. Acceptance of High Holy tickets obligates a member for the entire year’s dues.  In the absence of a resignation prior to August 30 in any particular year, membership will automatically continue during that year and members will continue to be billed and be required to fulfill their obligations to the synagogue.  This is true whether or not a member actually “uses” the synagogue during that time period.  It is hoped that those who do not attend or "use" the synagogue on a regular basis, will still understand the value of synagogue membership and existence in order to preserve Jewish life, religion and culture.
  7. Spouses are jointly and separately responsible for fulfilling all financial obligations to the synagogue.  Failure to meet synagogue obligations can result in suspension or termination of membership privileges.
  8. Dues and Religious School tuition are insufficient to meet the budgetary requirements of most synagogues and Shomrei Torah is no exception.  Hopefully, members will participate in and inaugurate fundraising projects.  Like anything else in life, members will find that they will get out of synagogue membership what they put into it.  There is no “they,” there is only “we.”  We hope that together we can continue to build a warm and vibrant place of worship, learning, and community - a “place to feel at home.”
Sat, February 24 2024 15 Adar I 5784