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The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism has announced that one significant contribution its congregations can make to attract, train, and welcome converts to Judaism, intermarried couples, and those with a spiritual interest in Judaism is to have a keruv, or an outreach committee. Keruv is a Hebrew word meaning to "draw in." Many born Jews benefit greatly from Keruv because, as they welcome converts to Judaism or those wanting to know more about Judaism, they learn more about their own Judaism.

A congregational Keruv committee can have several purposes. It can:

  1. be a support group for converts or for those who are intermarried;
  2. help to integrate new converts into the congregational community;
  3. serve as a source of information about Judaism for those who are intermarried and are not Jewish;
  4. develop educational programs about Judaism for the congregation and the wider community;
  5. implement any other ideas the group supports.

Shomrei Torah seeks to be a synagogue that is open to and welcoming of interfaith families. While it is understood that one must be Jewish, either by birth or by conversion, to have individual standing in the congregation, we seek to integrate the entire family into our community.

United Synagogue believes that Keruv committees in each congregation would enrich and strengthen Jewish life. For those interested in working on Shomrei Torah's Keruv Committee, please contact Rabbi Mark.

Tue, December 5 2023 22 Kislev 5784