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Religious School Registration

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Hoory for Holidays Information


Dear Parents,
A successful Religious School year has come to a close.

As we finish this school year and before we start on our summer plans, I would like to encourage you to re-register your child(ren) for Religious school 5784/2023-2024 at this time.

In the budget recently approved, the finance committee managed to keep tuition increases to a minimum. Hooray for Holidays remains at $100/student; and non-member tuition remains $1,200/student. Our Sunday School and Hebrew High programs will be $220/student; and our Hebrew School will be $400/student for the year.

We ask that tuition be paid in full before the start of the school year in September, unless you are on a payment plan in which case it can be rolled into your monthly payments.

If there is no change in information, you need not fill out the enclosed form again, just check the “no changes” box, sign and return.
The last day of Religious School is this Sunday, May 21. And a reminder that the End-of-Year Ceremony for your children begins at 11:00 followed by an End-of-Year Gathering with food and festivities for all.

Please mark your calendars for the start of school on Sunday, September 10, 2023!

Rabbi Randy Mark, Principal


Dear Hebrew High School Students and Parents,

We would like to invite you to register for next year’s Hebrew High, like the rest of the Religious School we do not know yet if we will be together in the building or engaged in distance learning, but either way, we want you to continue your Jewish education.

Morah Beth and I will be back to learn together with you. And we are looking forward to a fun and exciting year of learning and community. It is our hope that it will be an interactive program where student input helps to drive what will be taught. 

We want to take you beyond the basics you were taught in Hebrew school.  Keeping ourselves up to date on current events in Israel and Jewish communities around the world will be an ongoing component of what we do.

We are in a very different world right now, so even if you have not come to Religious school since seventh grade, we welcome you to join us.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to a wonderful year of learning together!

Have a nice summer,

Randall C. Mark
Rabbi Randall Mark
Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784