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A Message From Our President

I cannot know when readers of this Message will see it, but I can tell you for sure that I am writing it in May 2020 at about the peak of the coronavirus lockdown in New Jersey. I became President of Shomrei Torah in April 2020. You might question my timing, but my selection of synagogue affiliation is impeccable.

My wife and I moved from Paterson in 1981. We had been members there of Temple Emanuel and never doubted we would join a Conservative synagogue in Wayne. Since we affiliated with Shomrei Torah both of my two daughters finished religious school here and have become b’nai mitzvah; Rabbi Mark performed my daughter’s wedding ceremony; and we have mourned the loss of two parents with members of the synagogue community. Shomrei Torah became our spiritual home for all things religious.

Shomrei Torah has played four separate but interrelated functions in our lives. It was a place of worship, learning, socializing and community action. Each of these activities is described in greater detail at other parts of our website, but let me offer a brief outline of how they worked out for us.

As for worship, we’ve been regular attendees as Sabbath services, weekly minyans, high holiday and festival services. Rabbi Mark has been the officiant straight through and various individuals have lead prayer and chanting. Our religious school provides classes for youths from tot age all the way to Hebrew high. We’ve also enjoyed Adult Education study lead by our Rabbi.

The synagogue also provided us with social outlets. We’ve been members of Men’s Club Sisterhood, attended dinner dances and holiday parties. Many of our friendships began with synagogue membership. And finally, as to social action, we’ve taken part in groups that housed the homeless in our building and fed the hungry with vegetables raised in our own synagogue garden, gone on pro-Israel marches and attended Holocaust memorials, all with our synagogue friends.

Don’t get me wrong; these activities don’t exist in separate airtight compartments. The prayer functions supports education, and via community action projects we’ve made social friends. My point is that Shomrei Torah has been a kind of home for my family for forty years and I hope a long time to come. If somebody is looking for a place to base their Jewish life in Wayne, you couldn’t pick a better place than Shomrei Torah.

Henry Ramer, President
Shomrei Torah
Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782