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Our Mission


Shomrei Torah is an egalitarian Conservative congregation dedicated to worshipping God through prayer, Torah study and community service. We provide a cultural, spiritual, and religious home for a diverse Jewish population. Our congregation fosters strong Jewish values and a commitment to Jewish living through pride in our Jewish heritage, lifelong education, tzedaka, and gemilut hasadim (doing good deeds).



Our vibrant synagogue inspires congregants through our spiritually uplifting services and commitment to Jewish living. Shomrei Torah’s members generously donate their time, talents and resources to support each other in our home of study and prayer; and actively participate in the synagogue’s religious, educational, and social functions. Shomrei Torah attracts members not only for lifecycle events, but as a central component of their spiritual and social lives. Our cohesive, caring congregation of lifelong learners is committed to mitzvot and social action.



  • We value a congregation that is welcoming, caring, and compassionate.
  • We value tradition, spirituality, and egalitarian ritual observance.
  • We value the philosophy and teaching of the Conservative movement.
  • We value an inclusive community that embraces diversity and is welcoming to all families, regardless of religious background or level of observance.
  • We value lifelong education for all members, children and adults alike.
  • We value our connection to the State of Israel.
  • We value volunteerism and social action through tzedaka and tikkun olam.
  • We value strong leadership in our congregation.
  • We value the enhancement and preservation of our house of worship.
Fri, April 12 2024 4 Nisan 5784