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Chametz Sale:

By Friday morning April 15, 2022 authorize Rabbi Randall Mark

to sell any leavened products that you still have.

Click here for our online authorization form.

Click here for a printable form.


Thursday, 4/14            After Dark, Bedikat Chametz (Ritual search for leaven) kits in office

Friday, 4/15                 Erev Pesach/Ta’anit Bechorim (Fast of the Firstborn), dawn to dark fast                   

7:45 am           Multi-access Minyan & Siyyum (Study session to avoid fasting)      

10:44 am         Latest time to eat Chametz

11:50 am         Latest time to Burn Chametz

No Friday Night Service

7:18 pm           Candle Lighting Time, prepare a flame that will burn longer than 24 hours

                        1st Seder

Saturday, 4/16                                                                                                                    

9:30 am           Multi-access Shabbat/Pesach Day 1 Service           

8:20 pm           Candle Lighting Time Pesach Day 2, light from an existing flame

2nd Seder w/Counting of the Omer

Sunday, 4/17 

9:30am            Multi-access Pesach Day 2 Festival Service     

7:45 pm           Zoom Festival Evening Service       

8:21 pm           Havdalah time, Chag to Chol HaMoed – no candle or spices                                     

Monday, 4/18 -Thursday, 4/21           Chol HaMoed/Intermediate Days of Passover

7:45 am           Multi-access Daily Morning Minyan

Monday, 4/18—Wednesday, 4/20

7:45 pm           Zoom Daily Evening Minyan w/Omer Counting

Thursday, 4/21            Last Festival Days

                        Eruv Tavshilin, ritual to cook on Festival for Shabbat, see Haggadah

6:00 pm           Zoom Festival Evening Service

7:25 pm           Candle Lighting Time, prepare a flame that will burn longer than 24 hours

Friday, 4/22                                                        

9:30 am           Multi-access Pesach Day 7 Service 

5:45 pm           Pesach Oneg Shabbat     

6:00 pm           Multi-access Shabbat/Pesach Service                                                         

7:26 pm           Candle Lighting Time Shabbat/Pesach Day 8, from an existing flame                                       

Saturday, 4/23                                                                               

9:30 am           Multi-access Shabbat/Pesach Day 8 Service w/Yizkor

8:27 pm           Passover Ends

8:45 pm           Zoom Ma’ariv/Havdalah

                          Eat Chametz again!


Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide

This Rabbinical Assembly Pesah guide is a brief outline of the policies and procedures relevant to the preparation of a kosher for Pesah home.

This guide is intended to help families maintain a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism and its understanding of Jewish Law. There is also an addendum for 5782. We recommend reading the 5782 Addendum either prior to reading the Pesach Guide or alongside the guide

Download the 5782 Addendum | Download the Pesah Guide


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