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Chametz Sale:

This year due to the COVID-19 restrictions you are encouraged to limit your pre-Pesach cleaning to what you can do with soap and water saving your disinfectants for health matters It is also recommended that you not throw out, give away or otherwise dispose of your chametz as you normally would for Passover since we do not know what will or will not be available after Pesach, so simply put it away and sell your chametz


By Wednesday morning April 8, 2020 authorize Rabbi Randall Mark

to sell any leavened products that you still have.

Clcik here for our online authorization form.


Tuesday 4/7/20 Bedikat Chametz (Search for Leaven)
After Dark
Wednesday 4/8/20 Erev Pesach  
* Minyan & Siyyum B’khorim
(Study Session for First Born Children)
7:45 AM
  Finish Eating Chametz 10:48 am
  Biur Chametz (Burning of the Leaven) 11:53 am
  Candle Lighting / 1st Seder 7:11 pm
Thursday 4/9/20 No Pesach Day 1 Service  
Candle Lighting & 2nd Seder
Begin to Count the Omer
8:13 pm
Friday 4/10/20 No Pesach Day 2 Service  
  Licht Bentschen/Candle Lighting Time/Shabbat Begins 7:13 pm
Shabbat 4/11/20
No Shabbat Service
  Shabbat ends/Havdalah time          8:16 pm
Sunday 4/12/20 * Chol HaMoed Pesach Minyan 9:00 am
  * Evening Minyan/Zoom Virtual Yizkor 7:45 pm
Monday 4/13/20 * Chol HaMoed Pesach Daily Minyan 7:45 am & pm
Tuesday 4/14/20 * Chol HaMoed Morning Minyan 7:45 am
  * Erev Chag Oneg Pesach 5:30 pm
  * Erev Chag Chol HaMoed Mincha 6:00 pm
  Candle Lighting for Pesach 7 7:18 pm
Wed & Thurs  4/15 & 16 No Pesach Day 7 or 8 Services  
Wednesday 4/16/20 Candle Lighting for Pesach Day 8 8:19 pm
Thursday 4/17/20 Pesach ends/Festival Havdalah time 8:20 pm

* Although it is a high priority is trying to find a way to have Passover services together safely, all services listed will be held va Zoom Meeting.  While we are not there yet, it may yet come to be. 

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