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High Holidays Website Instructions

To make things as simple as possible to access the livestream where you can find our High Holiday (HH) services, just go to our website and click on the livestream tab. 

t can also be reached directly at


Most of this year’s virtual offering will come through as a Livestream (one-way, not interactive; like watching a production on your computer/device). To view the Livestream, simply access the website above and hit the “Play” button.

Aliyah Zoom Room:

Do you have an Aliyah to the Torah?   If so, underneath of the Livestream, you’ll see this button.

Please hit this button before the Torah Reading portion of the service (10am) which launch a separate Zoom session, controlled by our Tech Team.  They will queue up all of the Aliyot Readers and sequentially cut to those people to deliver their Aliyah live-remote from their homes.  The Congregation will be able to see the remote Aliyot Readers on screen.

High Holiday Greetings / President’s Message:

Continue to scroll down and you will see buttons for the HH Greetings and President’s Message.

  • The HH Greetings button will launch the video montage of the member-submitted video and written greetings for the Shomrei Torah family and community.
  •  The President’s Message button will launch the pre-recorded State of the Shul video from our President Henry Ramer

Mahzor Download:

For those who did not purchase or borrow a Mahzor, you can download a digital version by hitting this button on the HH page.  It will take you to a separate website where one has to type in the Redeem Code:  4Z5ZM9YH

When you get to this site, you’ll need to:

  1. enter your email in the first box
  2. click the box that says, “I accept the Terms of Service”
  3. click “Redeem Publication”

High Holiday Appeal:

Please click this button to hear our Immediate Past President, Barry Blecherman’s pre-recorded HH Appeal video. You can also make a pledge or a donation. You will see fields below the video screen to make a pledge, similar to the pledge cards handed out during services on the High Holidays in the past. (Select “Yes”to make the donation now or Select “No” to make a pledge and have the Office add it to your account for future payment)

Israel Bond Appeal and Masorti Appeal:

Each year as part of our support of Israel we also promote Israel Bonds and the Masorti Movement. There is more information from each organization available here as well as links to invest in Bonds or donate to Masorti by clicking these buttons

High Holiday Schedule; Links to Family Service and Jr. Congregation:

Please click on each day to see that schedule

On Rosh Hashanah Day 1, at 10:30, there is a Family Service with Morah Beth.  Please click the link in the schedule and it will launch a separate Zoom session.

On RH Day 2, and on Yom Kippur also at 10:30, there is a Jr. Congregation Service with Morah Etty.  Please click the link in the schedule and it will send you to that Zoom session.

Schmooze Zoom Room:

For those members who want to a place to gather and chat, like they would in the shul lobby, they can click on the “Schmooze Zoom Room” button which will launch a new window with a separate Zoom session.

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781