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Authorization to Sell Chametz

Shomrei Torah WCC


If possible, all chametz – food not acceptable during Pesach (Passover), or materials containing such unacceptable food – should be stored away and sold. The chametz may be stored in such a way that we are sure not to use it during the holiday and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday concludes. This year is particularly confusing because the sale will take place on Friday, but Chametz can be eaten afterwards on Shabbat.

By clicking on the submit button below, I/we hereby authorize Rabbi Randall Mark to act as my/our agent in the sale of all chametz that may be in my/our possession wherever it may be - whether at home, at a place of business, or elsewhere - in accordance with the requirements of Jewish law. All chametz in my/our possession that will not be consumed by the latest time for eating chametz on Saturday, March 27, 2021 will be stored and sealed by the latest time for burning chametz on Friday, March 26, 2021 and will remain stored away for the duration of Pesach.

Note: This form will not be available after 9:00 AM ET on Friday, March 26. Please note that the time for burning chametz is on Friday, March 26, but the sale will be effective after the last time for consumption of chametz on Saturday, March 27.

KNOW ALL PEOPLE: That I, the undersigned do here by make and appoint Rabbi Randall Mark as my true and lawful representative to act in my place and stead, for me and in my name and on my behalf, to sell all chametz owned and possessed by me, knowingly or unknowingly, as stated in the Torah and defined by the sages of Israel; also, chametz that tends to harden and to adhere to the surface of pans, pots, or other cooking or eating utensils, of whatsoever nature, and to lease all places wherein the aforementioned chametz owned or possessed by me may be found, especially in the premises located at (your address & perhaps your place of employment too).

Reminder it is a mitzvah to give extra tzedakah called Ma’ot Chittin, to help provide a Seder for those who cannot afford it on their own. Enter an amount below to pay online.  To pay by check, leave the field below blank. Checks can be made to the RDF and mailed to the synagogue.  Multiples of Chai ($18) are encouraged.
By clicking SUBMIT below, I grant the Rabbi full authority and power to sell said chametz and to lease said place or places wherein said chametz might be found, upon terms and conditions as discretion dictates. He has the full power and authority to assign or appoint a substitute or substitutes to act on my behalf with all the same powers and authority that I have invested in the rabbi, and I do hereby ratify and confirm that Rabbi Randall Mark or a rabbinic substitute lawfully has this authority.

For those who would prefer a printable form, click here.

Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyyar 5781