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About the Silent Amidah...?

Question of the Month: Silent Amidah:

Is it possible to do a silent Amidah and reader's repetition at the same time? Exactly what is a Heycha Kedusha and how is it different from a full repetition of the Amidah?


The Amida was traditionally said by a knowledgeable leader, everyone else listened and said amen at the end of each bracha. Then with the advent of the printing press, we put siddurim in everyone's hands and they could say it for themselves, hence the development of the silent Amida, however, there were those who did not know how to pray, so the reader's repetition of the Amida was done after the silent reading. In Medieval Germany to shorten the service, they developed the Heycha Kedusha, the High Kedusha - in this variation the Amida is said out loud from the beginning through the Kedusha and the rest is said silently. Some synagogue's make use of this others do not.

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781