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Ask the Rabbi

Rabbi Do you have a question about Jewish law, tradition, history or any other topic? Please contact Rabbi Mark at, and he will respond personally as soon as he is able. Answering of questions might be delayed, but he will do so as quickly as possible.

The Rabbi may want to publish your question in this websites for the benefit of others. Please indicate if you have any objections to your question and the answer to it being put up on this website for the benefit of others. You may ask for the whole correspondence to be kept private, or you may allow its publication with or without your name. It is entirely at your discretion.

You may want to tell the Rabbi a little bit about yourself (responding in a vacuum is difficult), especially when delving into complex topics. Please provide any information that will assist the Rabbi in responding. Please write your question in as much detail as possible - don't be shy!

Disclaimer: Although every effort is taken to keep the information private, please be aware that there are limitations on privacy and security on the internet.

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781